Stronger Together

COVA and Haywards have formed a fully incorporated proprietary company formalising many years of working together in the Bulk Materials Handling Industry. Many of the projects that have been designed by COVA in the past have been fabricated and/or constructed by Haywards. This continues under the newly formed company with COVA providing design, management and procurement and Haywards the fabrication and construction.

The following projects were performed by either COVA or COVA & Haywards in the bulk material handling field either in our own right or as a contractor to other companies. COVA Haywards does not claim exclusive rights to these projects with the exception of the Lascelles Wharf project as delivered by COVA Haywards Pty Ltd.


A Wealth of Experience

The formation of the company combines the best of both entities into a bespoke solution provider for project delivery from design through to construction. Utilising the key attributes of each entity, leading to a seamless project delivery with inherent cost savings by eliminating interfaces and integrating corporate management activities including but not limited to:

• Head contractor / subcontractor margins
• Overhead duplication
• Management interfaces
• Management systems
• Integrated HSE objectives
• Project ownership
• Vested interest in successful project delivery

COVA Haywards Pty Ltd focus is in offering EPC, EPCM, Design and Supply or Design and Construct solutions across the bulk material handling sector from pit to port. We have extensive experience in designing and constructing all types of stackers from radial through to luffing, slewing long travel versions. In addition, we have also successfully delivered several ship loaders and conveyor systems to port facilities all over Australia.
We welcome the opportunity to provide proposals to all our clients new and old for the design and supply or design and construct of your bulk material handling needs. In addition to the supply of new equipment COVA Haywards Pty Ltd also offer additional services such as machine audits and rectification works on all machine types regardless of original supplier.


Complete peace of mind


COVA Haywards offers full-service capabilities on all manner of bulk handling equipment, from upgrades to general maintenance.


Our engineering staff have extensive experience in conducting audits on bulk material handling systems, in conjunction with Haywards we can take the outcomes of audit reports and translate this into a rectification project to enhance and prolong the equipment’s performance and longevity.

Extension of your team

COVA Haywards operates as an extension to your team from design through to commissioning.

Complex problems? We have the Solutions.

We’re engineers at heart and as such, love having problems to solve.
In fact, we pride ourselves on our ability to find solutions to the most complex of projects by utilising an in-house multi-disciplinary team.

Our experience tells us that not everything in life runs as smoothly as intended. It’s how we’re able to collaborate and innovate to deliver the best solutions time and again that really makes the difference for our clients.