Project Scope

The largest, and perhaps most innovative, of our machines enabling Iron Ore to be loaded directly opposite the key tourist sites in Esperance. The project required strict environmental conditions to avoid the red iron ore from contaminating the pristine white beaches of Esperance. COVA provided detailed design of the shiploader and its long travelling feed conveyor along with a low-profile ground mounted gallery for the tripper conveyor. The shiploader is capable of loading Cape sized iron ore vessels. The design team spent significant time on site assisting with construction and commissioning.


Completion: 2002



  • Customer: Esperance Port
  • Plant location: Esperance WA, Australia
  • Product: Iron Ore
  • COVA: Design-Project Management & Procurement
  • Capacity: 4500 t/hr
  • Belt width: 1400mm
  • Max outreach from fender: 32m
  • Shuttle travel: 21m
  • Slewing range: +90 / -90 degrees
  • Luffing range: -15 to +30 degrees
  • Design vessel: Cape
  • Travel range: 205m
  • Rail gauge: 12m
  • Schedule: 2002