Project Scope

A long travelling gull wing stacker specifically designed to stack salt onto 2 stockpiles either side of a central rail and rising tripper conveyor feed system. In doing so, a critical aspect of the design was the chute enabling product to transfer to each of the booms. There was significant involvement with the fabricator to ensure simplicity of road transport as well as assistance with completing a full trial erection off site of a machine that measured almost 100m from boom tip to boom tip.


Completion: 1999



  • Customer: Onslow Salt
  • Plant location: Onslow WA, Australia
  • Product: Salt
  • COVA: Design-Project Management & Procurement
  • Capacity: 1500 t/hr
  • Belt width: 1200mm
  • Outreach: 46m
  • Slewing range: Fixed
  • Luffing range: Fixed
  • Stockpile width: 76m
  • Rail gauge: 11m
  • Schedule: 1999