Project Scope

The first of a series of radial stackers designed and constructed by COVA Haywards that utilised all facets of both entities. This was a 90m long machine which formed the basis for numerous radial stackers of this outreach which were to follow. The stacker also included a telescopic chute to minimise dust.


Completion: 2006



  • Customer: Sedgman
  • Plant location: Wilpinjong NSW, Australia
  • Product: Coal
  • COVA: Design-Project Management & Procurement
  • Haywards: Fabrication & Construction
  • Capacity: 1600 t/hr
  • Belt width: 1400mm
  • Outreach: 90m
  • Slewing range: +89 / -109 degrees
  • Luffing range: Fixed
  • Stockpile width: 53m
  • Travel range: Slew
  • Rail radius: 60m
  • Schedule: 2006