Project Scope

The Corio Quay Shiploader is a prime example of the reasoning behind the formation of COVA Haywards Pty Ltd. From design through to construction, COVA and Haywards worked hand in hand to deliver this project safely, on time and on budget. The project was completed as a joint venture with McConnell Dowell who were the overall PM and completed the civil works. The scope of works included the fixed luffing, slewing and shuttling shiploader, including the wharf conveyors back to the receival point from the adjacent stockpile reclaim conveyors.


Completion: 2009



Project Details

  • Customer: Geelong Port
  • Plant location: Geelong VIC, Australia
  • Product: Woodchip
  • COVA: Design-Project Management & Procurement
  • Haywards: Fabrication & Construction
  • Capacity: 1000 t/hr
  • Belt width: 1400mm
  • Max outreach from fender: 22m
  • Shuttle travel: 12m
  • Slewing range: +25 / -250 degrees
  • Luffing range: 0 to 40 degrees
  • Design vessel: Panamax
  • Travel range: Fixed
  • Rail gauge: NA
  • Schedule: 2009