Project Scope

The first of our major shiploader designs dating back to 1995. COVA designed and managed the construction of a woodchip receival and stockpiling system and a reclaim and out loading facility. Chips were received from trucks positioned on elevating tipper units and reclaimed by dozer into pits under the stockpile.


Completion: 1995



  • Customer: TasPorts
  • Plant location: Burnie TAS, Australia
  • Product: Woodchip
  • COVA: Design-Project Management & Procurement
  • Haywards: Fabrication & Construction
  • Capacity: 1300 t/hr
  • Belt width: 1500mm
  • Max outreach from fender: 25m
  • Shuttle travel: 14m
  • Slewing range: Fixed
  • Luffing range: 0 to +80 degrees
  • Design vessel: Panamax
  • Travel range: 325m
  • Rail gauge: 25.3m
  • Schedule: 1995